The Jackie Curtis Barnett, Jr. Memorial Foundation

The Jackie Curtis Barnett, Jr. Memorial Foundation is dedicated to the concept that success in life begins with service to your fellow man. We bring helping hands together to provide school supplies and uniforms for students who need them, as well as to enrich community resources through repurposed computers donated by individuals and businesses. Teachers are provided supplementary resources, such as extra copy paper, so that they can focus on the job of teaching without having to provide their own supplies. Most importantly, however, we plant the seed at an early age that reaching out a helping hand benefits both the individual and the community. While we provide scholarship awards to those performing the most hours of service, it is our hope that each person enrolled in the community service program will discover the real secret - we all benefit, and we are all winners - when we discover the joy of giving back to the community. 

The Jackie Curtis Barnett Memorial Foundation was founded in 2010 by the Parents and Siblings
​of Jackie Curtis Barnett, Jr.

​For more information contact Bertha or Jackie Barnett at 318-341-7641 or you can email us at